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The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association was formed in 1996 by a Neighborhood Watch group working to create a sense of community and distinct identity for a geographic area to become known as Valley Glen. Originally part of Van Nuys and North Hollywood, Valley Glen was officially recognized by the City of L.A. in 2004.

"Fostering Community Pride", the VGNA promotes community beautification, including an annual clean-up day; public safety, including working with the LAPD and LAFD; land use issues, including commercial and residential developments; working with our local public schools, including the annual Adopt-A-Family program; engagement with our City, County and State elected officials on behalf of Valley Glen; and, any and all issues that affect our quality of life.

Volunteers are the life-blood of the VGNA. All homeowners, renters, business owners, commercial property owners, workers, those affiliated with schools, religious institutions or non-profit organizations are welcome and encouraged to work with the VGNA to achieve our goal of a safe and beautiful community. To this end, the VGNA has nine grids/areas with two representatives and two alternates for each grid/area. Additionally, there are two representatives for Businesses, two for Arts and Education and two for Non-profit Organizations. The representatives serve as liaisons for their respective grids/areas or organizations by serving on the Executive Board and representing the interests of the grid/area or organization in which they reside or participate.

For breakdown of grids/areas, visit the VGNA Interactive Map.

For the current list of Executive Board members, please visit Executive Board page.

To see how you can volunteer, Please visit our Support page .

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. --Author Unknown 

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart. --Elizabeth Andrew


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