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By Laws


The name of the organization is Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as the "Association", a non-profit group, with its mailing address at 13659 Victory Blvd. PMB #283, Valley Glen, CA 91401, Telephone: (877) 411-VGNA (8462). For legal purposes, its principal place of business is located at the home of the current secretary.

The term "neighborhood" herein refers to that area bounded and enclosed on the north by Sherman Way, on the west by Hazeltine Avenue, to the south by Burbank Boulevard and on the east by Whitsett Avenue and currently designated by the City of Los Angeles as Valley Glen.


The goal of our Association is to foster community pride, civic betterment and community beautification, to make our neighborhood a better and safer place to live and work, to promote businesses and business growth in Valley Glen, and to foster education and the arts in Valley Glen. The goals will be accomplished by activities including but not limited to:

  • Get-acquainted programs with our neighbors
  • Improving neighborhood safety
  • Promoting neighborhood beautification
  • Holding bimonthly meetings to discuss neighborhood concerns
  • Working together as advocates to address community problems
  • Programs supporting neighborhood businesses and neighborhood shopping
  • Welcoming and encouraging new businesses into Valley Glen
  • Initiate programs fostering education, cultural development and the arts in Valley Glen.
  • Charitable assistance for those in need in Valley Glen.


Section A - General Membership: General Membership will be open to any person, business or organization interested in participating in the Valley Glen community including but not limited to individuals, families, neighborhood businesses, neighborhood non-profit organizations and all others interested in promoting the betterment of Valley Glen. The membership will consist of four categories: (1) General Members; (2) Sponsoring Members; (3) Business Members and (4) Organization Members, with benefits appropriate for each category.

Section B - Sponsoring Membership: Any General Member can become a Sponsoring Member with an annual donation to the Association as determined by the Board.

Section C - Business Membership: Business Membership is available to any Business upon terms and conditions as determined by the Board.

Section D - Organization Membership:  Any non-profit Organization may become an Organization Member upon terms and conditions as determined by the Board.


Section A – Composition of Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall be composed of not less than eight persons and shall consist of the executive officers and all area and grid representatives and alternates. The Board of Directors shall be elected annually at the February General Meeting as provided for in Section B of ARTICLE VIII. Each member of the Board of Directors shall serve a one-year term or until a successor has been duly elected and installed.

Section B - Limits on Term of Office: The Executive officers will be elected for one-year terms. Any Executive Officer member may seek re-election to three (3) successive terms if nominated. The previous President automatically becomes a member of the Board as Past President for the purpose of insuring continuity.  There shall be no term limits for Area Representatives.

Section C - Quorum: A quorum will consist of five Board members and in the event that a quorum is not present, those members present will constitute a Committee of the Whole for the purpose of conducting business.

Section D - Attendance: Attendance is critical to the functioning of this Board.  Therefore, failure to participate without excused absence from three (3) consecutive, regularly scheduled Board and or General meetings, constitutes an automatic resignation from the Board. Vacancies will be filled by appointment of the President and these members will serve out the term of the resigned Board member. Upon formal, written request, a Board member may be granted a leave of absence of up to four (4) months at the discretion and upon the vote of the rest of the Board.

Section E - Meetings: Board meetings will be held at least six times per year, at a location determined by the President.

Section F - Duties: Duties of the Board of Directors are to conduct the business of the Association and to develop and administer programs consistent with the goals and philosophy of the Association.

Section G – Authority: The Board of Directors of the Association is authorized to undertake all actions appropriate to effecting the goals and purposes of the Association.


 Executive Officers of the Association will be:

President: Preside over Board and General Membership meetings and perform any customary duties of the office. The President will also appoint representatives for the Association to other community organizations that are concerned with Valley Glen interests.

Vice President: Perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence, and assume the duties of the President in the event that the President no longer is able to serve in that office; and also to chair such committee(s) as designated by the President.

Secretary:  Will keep minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the General Membership meetings. Minutes will state time, place and business conducted and will adhere to California Corporate Minutes Guidelines. The Secretary also will also be responsible for maintaining a record of all Association correspondence.

Treasurer: Will keep a record of the accounts of the Association and submit a report at each General meeting.


Area and Grid Representatives and Alternates:  Will represent the interests of the area and grid in which they reside.  Duties include attending Board and general meetings as representatives of their respective areas and serving as liaisons with Association members. No more than two representatives and two alternates will be elected from each of the following areas and grids:

Area A - Bounded by Victory on the north, Fulton on the West, Oxnard on the south, and Coldwater on the east.

Area B - Bounded by Victory on the north, Woodman on the West, Oxnard on the south, and Fulton on the east.

Area C - Bounded by Oxnard on the north, Woodman on the west, Burbank on the south, and Fulton on the east.

Grid 1 - Bounded by Oxnard on the north, Woodman on the east, Burbank on the south, and Hazeltine on the west.

Grid 2 - Bounded by Victory on the north, Woodman on the east, Oxnard on the south, and Hazeltine on the west.

Grid 3 - Bounded by Vanowen on the north, Woodman on the East, Victory on the south, and Hazeltine on the west.

Grid 4 - Bounded by Sherman Way on the north, the Tujunga Wash on the east, Vanowen on the south, and Woodman on the west.

Grid 5 - Bounded by Vanowen on the north, Fulton on the east, Victory on the south, and Woodman on the west.

Grid 6 - Bounded by Vanowen on the north, Coldwater Canyon on the east (except for the area from Kittridge St. to Vanowen St., and Atoll Ave. to Coldwater Canyon Ave.), Victory on the south, and Fulton on the west.

Grid 7 - Bounded by Kittridge on the north, Whitsett on the east, Victory on the south, Coldwater Canyon on the west.

Grid 8 - Bounded by Victory on the north, Whitsett on the east, Oxnard on the south, and Coldwater on the west.

Business Grid: Two (2) Board members from the Business Community elected at large to represent the Business Community in Valley Glen.

Arts and Education Grid: Two (2) Board members elected at large to represent the Arts and Education Community in Valley Glen.

Organization Grid: Two (2) Board members elected at large to represent Non-profit Organizations.

No Area Representatives will be elected from the area occupied by Valley College and Grant High School.


The Association will have the following standing committees:

  • Civic Improvement Committee
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Public Works
  • Zoning Issues
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Police and Fire Services
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Valley Glen Voice Newsletter Committee
  • Publicity and Community Outreach Committee
  • Develop Speaker Program for Bi-monthly Meetings
  • Prepare and Distribute Flyers, Posters & Other Materials
  • Promote VGNA Membership
  • Business Support & Development Committee
  • Programs Supporting Neighborhood Businesses and Neighborhood Shopping
  • Welcoming and Encouraging New Businesses into Valley Glen
  • Arts and Education Committee
  • Encourage Development of the Arts in Valley Glen
  • Support Performing Arts in Valley Glen Educational Institutions
  • Support Valley Glen Educational Institutions
  • Annual Christmas Party Meeting Committee
  • Adopt-A-Family Committee
  • Annual Valley Glen Neighborhood Picnic Committee

Ad Hoc committees will be established by the membership as necessary and convenient to conduct Association business. Each and every committee will consist of no less than two (2) members who will serve as Chair and Secretary.

Each committee will keep true and accurate records of its proceedings, which will be submitted to the Secretary for inclusion into the permanent records of the Association. Committees will report to the Association at the next general meeting following the committee meeting.


Section A - Parliamentary Authority: Meetings will be conducted according to "Robert's Rule of Order" in all cases in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws for legal authority.

Section B: To facilitate movement of the agenda, no member may speak from the floor for more than two minutes on any issue.  Any general member or Board member may submit an item in writing for consideration by the Board for inclusion on the General meeting agenda. The document should be limited to one page and one topic relevant to the goals and mission of the Association. Submission must be received prior to the Board meeting, which precedes the general meeting whose agenda inclusion is desired.


Section A: General Membership: Votes on General membership business will be conducted by a show of hands, one vote per member. Simple majority prevails. The minimum voting age for any Association business shall be 18 years of age.

Section B:  Board of Director Elections: The Board membership election will take place at the February General Meeting in accordance with the procedure outlined below:

(1) SECRET BALLOTS: Election of the Board of Directors shall be by secret ballot.

(2) ELECTION COMMITTEE: An Election Committee consisting of two (2) area representative board members appointed by the President and one (1) VGNA member appointed by the Vice President. These appointments shall be made no later than the December general meeting.

(3) FLOOR NOMINATIONS: Nominations for the Board of Directors shall be submitted from the floor only during the December general meeting.

(4) CANDIDATES SLATE: The Election Committee shall nominate a slate of candidates to be announced and nominated by January 10th

(5) VOTING AT FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING: Voting will take place during the February general meeting or by the Monday prior if voting by mailed ballot.

(6) ELECTION PROCEDURE: The election will be by Members voting in person and via mailed ballots to Sponsoring Members of the Association requesting a mailed ballot. Any mailed ballot recipient not having returned the mailed ballot by the mailed ballot deadline and all non-sponsor members may vote in person during the February general meeting.

Section C - Election Timeline, Supervision and Results: The entire election process and the timeline for election ballots will be supervised by the members of the Election Committee and will be as follows:

(1)  Nominations accepted from the general membership only at December General Membership Meeting;

(2)  Election Committee Candidate Slate nominated and announced by January 10th;

(3) Ballots prepared listing all candidates nominated at December General Meeting and Election Committee Candidate Slate;

(4)  Mailed Ballots returned by the Monday prior to the February meeting;

(5)  In person voting at the General Meeting in February;

(6) The Chairperson of the Election Committee and two (2) volunteers at the February general meeting shall tally the mailed ballots and in-person ballots and announce and publish the election results and certify the newly elected Board of Directors at the conclusion of the February General Meeting.

Section D - Office Assumption: Newly elected Board members will assume office the first regularly scheduled meeting immediately following the Elections meeting.

Section E - Special Elections: Special Elections will be conducted by written ballot.  There will be one vote to each residence address within Association boundaries.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote in favor of the change by the general membership during a regularly scheduled general membership meeting.

As amended at the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association General meeting on December 9, 2008.


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