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VGNA Town Hall – Tuesday, December 5th

VGNA Town Hall – Tuesday, December 5th

Hello Neighbors,

With Halloween past us, the holiday season is officially here. Amidst all of your other goings-on, please reserve your calendar for Tuesday, December 5th for the VGNA Town Hall at Los Angeles Valley College. The Town Hall is featuring Councilman Paul Kerkorian and Los Angeles Valley College President, Dr. Erika Endrijonas as our keynote speakers. We will be accepting donations for the "Helping Hands Project" to assist financially challenged students. There will be festive decor, wonderful musical entertainment, and the usual special surprises. It's an informative, celebratory evening for Valley Glen residents.

You wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

See you there!

San Fernando Valley — Fix My Road survey!

San Fernando Valley — Fix My Road survey!

Dear Fellow Stakeholders:

Senator Robert Hertzberg asks that you send him your pictures of the potholes you encounter on you travels through the San Fernando Valley.

"Attention drivers, cyclists, walkers, and everyone in the San Fernando Valley: California just passed a major new commitment to fix our roads and sidewalks, including city streets and major freeways like the 405 and the 101".

"We need a list of projects and I promise to deliver these to the right folks and get repairs underway and get you back on the road safely!"

He wants to see your photos of broken asphalt, buckling sidewalks, potholes and where they’re located.

Tweet - @SenateHertzberg,
Email -,
Or call his Van Nuys Office - 818-901-5588.

Apply for LA’s Speed Hump Program

Apply for LA's Speed Hump Program

September 22

Does your street seem like a NASCAR track?

Starting Sept. 22, 8 am the LA Department of Transportation will begin accepting a new round of applications for its Speed Hump Program. This is the second year in a row that LA will offer this program across the city.

During the 2018 program cycle, LADOT will accept 30 applications from each Council District. For more information about how you can apply for a speed hump in your neighborhood, speed hump guidelines and frequently asked questions, visit

Clean Team Making Improvements In Our Neighborhood

It was a turbo-charged VGNA Clean Team event on the morning of Saturday, June 24th. The triangular meridian at Coldwater and Burbank has a welcome sign for Valley Glen, but the meridian was not very welcoming. The pictures tell a happy tale. Kudos to some great teamwork from the VGNA Clean Team (kudos to Joan Gil, Tom and Janet Newton, Rich and Angela Rossi, Tony Richelieu, and Bruce and Jennifer Gaims) for making a huge difference. Special thanks to Sahag Yedalian and Councilman Krekorian's office for supplying the tools and picking up the mountain of trash bags that was created. These events are fun, and all Valley Glen residents are invited to come out and feel good about beautifying our community. See you on July 29th!

Here are some before and after images:

Become your neighborhood ambassador! The VGNA needs grid reps!

Become your neighborhood ambassador!
The VGNA needs grid reps!

The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association is organized into 11 mini-neighborhoods called grids. Each grid has representatives or “reps” who act as liaisons between their grid and the larger community. Grid reps also help distribute the VGNA newsletter to Valley Glen homes four times a year. We plan to hold quarterly get-togethers expressly for grid reps to help everyone become better acquainted and to have some fun in the process.


Go to our map at to see a copy of our map and see where your home is located.


The VGNA is currently seeking grid reps for the following areas:


GRID A which is the community located bounded by Victory Blvd.(N), Fulton Ave.(W), Oxnard St. (S) and Coldwater Ave.(E).


GRID 1 which is the community bounded by Oxnard Ave.(N), Woodman Ave.(E), Burbank Ave.(S) and Hazeltine Ave.(W).


GRID 4 the community bounded by Sherman Way(N), the Tujunga Wash(E), Vanowen(S) and Woodman Ave.(W).


GRID 5 the community bounded by Vanowen(N), Fulton(E), Victory(S) and Woodman Ave.(W).


GRID 6 the community bounded by Vanowen(N), Coldwater Canyon(E) (except from Kittridge St. to Vanowen St., and Atoll Ave. to Coldwater Canyon Ave.), Victory(S) and Fulton Ave.(W).


GRID 7 the community bounded by Kittridge(N), Whitsett (E), Victory(S) and Coldwater Canyon (W).


GRID 8 the community bounded by Victory Blvd. (N), Whitsett Ave. (E), Oxnard Ave. (S) and Coldwater Canyon (W).


Consider joining! It’s a great way to meet new people, learn more about the community and help support Valley Glen.