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Please take note that the clean-up site has changed for this Saturday 07-29-2017

Hello Neighbors,

We know that you are getting your working pants and shoes ready for this Saturday's VGNA "Clean Team" event.

Please take note that the clean-up site has changed. Rather than work on the Whitsett median, we will be focusing our efforts on the alley-through-way between Coldwater and Goodland - just south of Victory.

Directions: Just take Coldwater to just south of Victory. Head east into alley-through-way. You can park in the commercial parking along the through-way.

The date (July 29th) and the time (7:30AM to 10:30AM) have not changed.

We are going to make a big difference in the appearance of this byroad. You can bet that the adjacent business and home owners are going to appreciate our efforts.

Thank you in advance for your VGNA participation and community spirit. See you on Saturday! Bring family and friends, and let's get to work! We will have water and refreshments for you.

Clean Team Event – July 29th

Clean Team Event - Saturday - July 29th

Hello Neighbors,

This month’s VGNA “Clean Team” event will be on Saturday, July 29th beginning at 7:30AM. We will be transforming the median between Whitsett and N. Whitsett Avenues - just north of Victory. Yes, it is an early start time, but we got lucky last month with the summer heat. We do not want to tempt Mother Nature again. The event will run to approximately 10:30AM. There is parking for VGNA volunteers on N Whitsett Avenue, and if necessary, in the nearby residential streets or business lots. We will have a sign set up on the median as a meeting spot so you will know where to join your fellow team members.

For those who prefer not to get dirty and grimy, we will have an organized crew scouring the streets around the “Clean Team” zone using the Los Angeles City 311 app to remedy dumping, graffiti, etc. We will have water, snacks, and neighborly good cheer for all who join the event. These events matter. Check out the VGNA on Facebook for what happened last month - fantastic See you there on the 29th!

TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare at Los Angeles Valley College

TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare at Los Angeles Valley College

TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare at
Los Angeles Valley College
Horseshoe Theater, Los Angeles Valley College
Valley Glen, CA 91401

A romantic comedy of shipwrecked twins, of love at first sight, of loves lost and loves found. A tale of drunkenness, music, madness, preposterous puns, passionate protestations, wild and wacky pranks, secret marriages, duels to the death, despicable deceptions, desperate disguises, and gender-bending love triangles. "If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction!" Shakespeare's autumnal masterpiece serves up some of his most incandescent poetry and some of his most fantastic foolery. One of the finest and funniest comedies ever written for the stage.

Featuring performances by Valley students Sophia Palermo, Cameron Caddell, Robert Butler, Justin Delacroix, Agavni Tishchyan, Nick Goodreau, Tristan Samson, Nelly Chermakyan, Chase MacLeay, Cole Castine, James Biggs, Ashley Francisco, Tiffany Fuller, Serena Kashmir, Mariam Petrosyan, Victoria Pizarro, Andrea de Anda, Layla Zhao, Kimberly Liermann, Desiree Ramos, Suzy Arevyan, Enver Messano, Frederick Wortham, Joshua Esquivel, Carlos Gomez, Alejandro Figueroa, Jack Davtyan, Ryan Schmitt, and Orlando Munoz.  The stage manager is Rita Cannon; her assistants are Nikki Boon, Victor Gonzalez and Christine Semerdzhyan.

Musical director is Mary Onyango, choreography is by Natasha Lopez.  Musicians include Bryan Vasquez, Eaan Barrera, Ashley Francisco and Nelly Chermakyan. Scenery is designed by Department Chair Jennifer Read; lighting by Mark Svastics; and costumes by Valley student Samantha Jo Jaffray.

The production opens Thursday, July 27 at 7:30pm in the Horseshoe Theater at LAVC, and performances continue Friday, July 28 at 7:30pm, Saturday, July 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday, July 30 at 2pm.  Tickets are $15.00 if purchased here on, and will be $20.00 if purchased at the door.  Seating is limited, so order your tickets today!

To purchase tickets, please visit the box office website:


Clean Team Making Improvements In Our Neighborhood

It was a turbo-charged VGNA Clean Team event on the morning of Saturday, June 24th. The triangular meridian at Coldwater and Burbank has a welcome sign for Valley Glen, but the meridian was not very welcoming. The pictures tell a happy tale. Kudos to some great teamwork from the VGNA Clean Team (kudos to Joan Gil, Tom and Janet Newton, Rich and Angela Rossi, Tony Richelieu, and Bruce and Jennifer Gaims) for making a huge difference. Special thanks to Sahag Yedalian and Councilman Krekorian's office for supplying the tools and picking up the mountain of trash bags that was created. These events are fun, and all Valley Glen residents are invited to come out and feel good about beautifying our community. See you on July 29th!

Here are some before and after images:

Clean Team Event – April 29th

Clean Team Event - Saturday - April 29th

Hello Neighbors,
Few community activities are as directly rewarding as our "Clean Team" events. Right away, with no red tape, Valley Glen looks nicer and is a more pleasant place to live. We also have the great opportunity to partner with and to mentor with students from our local Grant High School. Finally, we often meet and can introduce ourselves to fellow residents and business owners during the course of the work. For the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association and our community the "Clean Team" is a win-win proposition. Please join us Saturday morning April 28th and be a proud "Clean Team" member. There will be beverages, light refreshments, and lots of spirit to make the work a breeze. All the details are on the "Clean Team" flyer. If you have any questions, please contact Bruce Gaims at 818-648-0924 or See you there!

Become your neighborhood ambassador! The VGNA needs grid reps!

Become your neighborhood ambassador!
The VGNA needs grid reps!

The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association is organized into 11 mini-neighborhoods called grids. Each grid has representatives or “reps” who act as liaisons between their grid and the larger community. Grid reps also help distribute the VGNA newsletter to Valley Glen homes four times a year. We plan to hold quarterly get-togethers expressly for grid reps to help everyone become better acquainted and to have some fun in the process.


Go to our map at to see a copy of our map and see where your home is located.


The VGNA is currently seeking grid reps for the following areas:


GRID A which is the community located bounded by Victory Blvd.(N), Fulton Ave.(W), Oxnard St. (S) and Coldwater Ave.(E).


GRID 1 which is the community bounded by Oxnard Ave.(N), Woodman Ave.(E), Burbank Ave.(S) and Hazeltine Ave.(W).


GRID 4 the community bounded by Sherman Way(N), the Tujunga Wash(E), Vanowen(S) and Woodman Ave.(W).


GRID 5 the community bounded by Vanowen(N), Fulton(E), Victory(S) and Woodman Ave.(W).


GRID 6 the community bounded by Vanowen(N), Coldwater Canyon(E) (except from Kittridge St. to Vanowen St., and Atoll Ave. to Coldwater Canyon Ave.), Victory(S) and Fulton Ave.(W).


GRID 7 the community bounded by Kittridge(N), Whitsett (E), Victory(S) and Coldwater Canyon (W).


GRID 8 the community bounded by Victory Blvd. (N), Whitsett Ave. (E), Oxnard Ave. (S) and Coldwater Canyon (W).


Consider joining! It’s a great way to meet new people, learn more about the community and help support Valley Glen.