History of Valley Glen

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The Beginnings 1990 – Neighborhood Watch, Area 966

Doug Claybourne, then a resident on Allott Avenue, organized a neighborhood watch program for LAPD Area 966, which is bounded by Victory on the north, Fulton on the east, the MTA right-of-way on the south and Woodman on the west. This group did graffiti cleanup, created the “Safe House” program (which was later adopted by LAUSD) and obtained a traffic light for Erwin and Fulton after a
pedestrian hit and run accident.

In 1993, Doug Claybourne and Carol Morell suggested a homeowners association for Area 966 with the goal of pursuing a name change for the area. Their effort led to the formation of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, qualifying Doug and Carol as the founding members.

1994 – Proposed Name Change for Area 966

Block captains in Area 966 attended a meeting to consider possible name changes. Ideas included College Park, Erwin Oaks, Valley Oaks, Erwin Ranch and Walnut Grove. This effort led to an interim name, “College/Walnut Park”.

1996 – Neighborhood Association is formed

Recognizing that many of the issues that needed to be addressed were beyond the charter of Neighborhood Watch, the neighborhood association was formed in 1996. The bylaws were drafted and approved by the organizing group and the first elections were held.

1997 – Association boundaries expanded and a community name selected – Valley Glen is born

Marc Thurston, the first elected president of the association, led the effort to finalize the bylaws, decide upon the boundaries and, most importantly, to seek community approval of a new name for the area. The boundaries were expanded to Victory on the north, Coldwater on the east, Burbank on the south and Woodman on the west. The name, Valley Glen, was selected. This name change received the support of 87% of the homeowners in the expanded area. The presentation and petitions were so well received that 5th District Council Member, Michael Feuer, offered an opportunity to the surrounding areas to join in the name change.

1998 – The Valley Glen boundaries are set and the signs go up

Councilman Feuer divided the area of Council District 5 into quadrants and agreed to include all quadrants that received signatures from at least 70% of the homeowners. Twelve of the thirteen quadrants banded together and officially became Valley Glen on June 23, 1998. Signs denoting this were erected throughout the area shortly thereafter. The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association expanded its boundaries to conform with the Department of Transportation designated boundaries. Today, Valley Glen is recognized by all of the schools in the area, many of the merchants and most of the homeowners. Note: A later realignment puts Valley Glen in Council District 2

2002 – Valley Glen Community Council is certified as the 42nd Neighborhood Council in the City of Los Angeles.

Note: Name was later changed to Greater Valley Glen Council as boundaries include areas outside of Valley Glen.

2004 – Valley Glen receives official designation

Los Angeles City Council adopts motion by 2nd District Council-member Wendy Greuel to ratify the City’s 1998 designation of Valley Glen as a distinct community.

2008 – Valley Glen 170 Freeway signs are erected

On July 15, 2008, State Assemblymember Paul Krekorian holds press conference, along with Councilmember Wendy Greuel for unveiling of Valley Glen exit signs on the Hollywood (170) Freeway at Oxnard St. and Victory Blvd. Note: Paul Krekorian is sworn in as the Councilmember for Council District 2 on January 5, 2010.

2008 – Valley Glen recognized by USPS

On September 5, 2008, Valley Glen receives recognition by the United States Postal Service for zip codes 91401, 91405, 91606 within Valley Glen boundaries.

Valley Glen Neighborhood Association Presidents:

President From To
Marc Thurston December 1996 December 1997
Peer Ghent December 1997 December 1998
Marc Thurston December 1998 December 1999
Carlos Ferreyra December 1999 December 2001
Asta Criss

January 2002

February 2005
Peer Ghent February 2005 February 2007
Mickey Jannol February 2007 February 2009
Judy Price February 2009 February 2012
Carlos Ferreyra February 2012 August 2013
Dean Abston August 2013 Present


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