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    Entering vgna

    You have just arrived in Valley Glen and thank you for visiting our map page.  Many visitors want to know our boundaries.  Our boundaries are shown below.  Please do not confuse these boundaries with those shown in the Los Angeles Times or by realtors.  They are using the boundaries of the neighborhood council – the Greater Valley Glen Council.  Those boundaries are a bit larger than those of Valley Glen.

    Here is the Map of Valley Glen and its Grids

     newest map We’re working on a crisper map so please bear with us.

    Valley Glen’s population of approximately 30,000 people is divided into 11 Grids.  Most grids contain 500 to 600 homes and 500 to 600 apartment units.

    How did each Grid get named?

    Well, the origin of Valley Glen is a neighborhood watch in Grid B that grew into the Valley Glen Community Park are in Grid A and the area west of Los Angeles Valley College in Grid C.   These were the original Grids.  Nearby Grids 1 through 8 wanted to be part of breaking off of Van Nuys and North Hollywood. They organized themselves into Grids and each Grid successfully petitioned to join Valley Glen.  That is how the boundaries were formed.

    Each Grid is represented by Grid Reps that advocate for the interests of their neighborhoods ranging from street issues to larger neighborhood issues.  Grid Reps serve on the Executive Board of the Association and they distribute the Valley Glen Voice.

    Please click here to view an 11-page PDF that shows aerial views (using Google Earth) of each Grid.

    We hope this information was helpful to you.