General Meeting Minutes


VGNA General Meeting Minutes

Date: August 18, 2015

Location: Kittridge Street School


In Attendance:

Dean Abston, President

Mickey Jannol, Vice President

Michael Rosenzweig, Treasurer

Alicia Bien, Secretary

Judy Price

Asta Criss

Waltona Manion

Tamar Galatzan

Paul Krekorian

Officer Bergman

And 93 local residents


Dean began the meeting: 7:02 PM

  1. WELCOME. Dean introduced and thanked the 93 people who came. President’s Report—Dean Abston – We’re excited to have Paul Krekorian and Warming Residential here tonight.
  2. Vice President’s Report. Mickey Jannol: 1) The Newsletter: Thanks to all for contributing and writing articles for the newsletter. Enjoy reading it.
  3. Treasurer’s Report. Michael R As of July 31 we have $4730 in the bank most of which we will go to pay for the newsletter that you got on your doorstep. We are a self-funded organization. Therefore, we rely on proceeds from the yard sale and picnic to host the activities and things we do. In addition we rely on donations from Valley Glen Residents with a suggested amount of $20/per year. Donations and checks can be mailed to:


13659 Victory Blvd.

Box 283

Valley Glen 91401

Our organization is self-supporting and we work for the betterment of the Valley Glen Community.


  1. Lillian Caranza, Captain of the LAPD Van Nuys Division introduced and welcomed the new Senior Lead Officer, of Valley Glen, Justin Bergman. He deals with quality of life issues and non-emergency calls. So far Valley Glen had 346 crimes. We are up 15% in crimes compared to last year. The crimes that affect Valley Glen the most are house and car break ins. Keep your car in the driveway or garage. Also, get Video Surveillance cameras.
  2. Tamar Galatzan—she is tackling three cases on pan-handlers in Valley Glen.


  1. Warmington Residential, Paul Baccera. The NEW proposal Warmington Residential is for
    63 units. A dog park and two playgrounds. They will be 3 stories of small-lot Town Homes 1800-2,000 ft. square. WR has submitted the application to the City and to Dept. of Transportation, (the latter has some issues that WR is addressing.) 1 guest spot extra for small lot parking. There will be two car spaces in the garage for each unit. The price per unit will be $550,000. The units will be 14 feet back from the Victory sidewalk and softened by plantings. Please consider: gray water, permeable surfaces and solar panels in the building.


  1. VGNA has to cancel the October Picnic 2015 and will be rescheduled for May 2016.


  1. Paul Krekorian—LA City Councilman. Field Deputy Nikki Ezhari has moved on to another job. Paul Krekorian’s new Field Deputy for the Van Nuys office is Sahag Yedalian. Paul still oversees city finances and the economic development committee and a new committee called the Ad Hoc Job Recovery. He wants to fix the sidewalks in the Valley and Valley Glen. Up until the 1970s the state law was that the property owner must maintain the sidewalk. In the Nixon Administration provided funding for fixing the Streets and Trees. This law was unfunded two years later. Sidewalks remain the responsibility of the City. The city has put in $50 million in the past 4 years. Councilman Krekorian took questions form the audience.


  1. NEW/OLD BUSINESS. Raffle/Door prize giveaways of Peanuts DVD, Stephanie Plum book and 2 hats.


MEETING Adjourned Abruptly: 7:40 PM.








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