Valley Glen Neighborhood Park


The Valley Glen Community Park is located in Area A and bounded by Erwin, Ethel, and Atoll Streets. The park is frequented by walkers, joggers, dog owners, backgammon players, students, children and families. The park includes a walking path, a dozen picnic tables and benches, mature maple and sycamore trees and a fenced-in playground for children.

The outdoor playground is a My Playground (SM) by Shane’s Inspiration Project and is designed to be accessible and inclusive for all children with disabilities to play along with typically-abled children. It includes safe, state-of-the-art sensory-rich structures that challenge children with disabilities and others from ages two to five.

Installed in 2013, the playground includes a sandbox area, swings, and slides, which are wheelchair accessible. The playground is a popular place for children and families and is a welcome addition to the Valley Glen Community Park.

The VGNA thanks the Greater Valley Glen Council who provided the funds for this playground, the park’s walking path, several benches, some recently planted trees, and in 2016, a smart irrigation system. With these improvements the Valley Glen Community Park will continue to be a source of pride for Valley Glen and a pleasant place for all.


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